We have various options on classes to suit everyone:

OPEN WORKOUTS EVERY HOUR ON THE HOUR: These are trainer assisted classes. You don’t have to book for these classes, you can walk in and do an open workout any hour on the hour. These classes are less structured and accommodate a variety of ages.

AGE SPECIFIC / SKILL SPECIFIC CLASSES: These are structured Age Appropriate/Skill specific classes that ensure children are reaching and exceeding their milestones through a large variety of classes. Options range from holistic age appropriate classes like Hotshots (6-8yrs) to Skill development classes like gymnastics, ball skills and skipping. Recommended participation for these classes is minimum of once per week. BOOKING of these classes is ESSENTIAL.

NINJA ZONE: These classes offer an exciting progression program, combining gymnastics, parkour and martial arts. In order for the children to go through to the grading (Missions) and level up, they need to achieve the skill levels in the different stages (White/Yellow/Green/Blue). A minimum of once per week is recommended to participate in this program and the ninja uniform is compulsory to create a sense of teamwork and belonging. BOOKING of these classes is ESSENTIAL.

The Kids Gym Timetable (Age/ Specific Classes) and the Ninja Timetable run during school terms only (3 Terms). We run a holiday program that offers open workouts, Skill Clinics, Fun Club and Holiday Club programs. The only exception is classes for children 4 Years and younger, which will continue through the holidays.

Whatever your ability – we have a class for you!

KidsGym Tots

18 months – 3yrs: This 45min parent/child class promotes early development to create a strong physical foundation while providing a unique opportunity for you to bond with your child. The 15 minute free play after the class gives the little ones an opportunity to explore their natural talents.


3 – 4yrs: For those who are independent enough to leave their grownups at the gate! This first step towards independence introduces our Stars to age appropriate skills and movement. They will learn how to follow instructions, take turns and independently complete the 60mins of non-stop fun!

Fit 5’s

5yrs: We channel the boundless energy of this age group into a structured work out that introduces a new set of expertise in the form of ball skills, balancing, jumping skills and hanging.


6-8yrs: Children in this age group have the ability and maturity to understand more complex instructions and allows us to refine coordination and expand on skill levels. This is a critical time to capitalize on an age where physical, social and mental skills develop quickly.


9-11yrs: There is a clear relationship between good physical health and good physical development at this stage where children are learning and refining skills and habits that they will use throughout their lives. As peer pressure increases its important a child develops a healthy relationship with their bodies. Children that feel good about themselves cope better and make better choices. This 60min class is an active, fun class that uses a wide range of equipment and exercises to teach children to combine levels and agility, whilst boosting self-confidence.

Functional Fitness

12-15yrs: This program involves exercises that simulate body movement used in everyday life. Working muscles in combination to create a balanced, efficient body. Strength, flexibility, endurance, balance and coordination is a key focus of this workout. Functional training prevents muscle imbalances and goes a long way to prevent unnecessary injuries.


NinjaZone is an all new sport for boys and girls aged 3yrs-13yrsIt is a progressive level system which has the fundamentals and co-ordination from gymnastics, the discipline and structure from Martial Arts, the strategy and agility of obstacle course training and the fun and creativity of freestyle movement!


Our Gymnastics programme is a non-competitive progression based program. In this class your child will learn the basic fundamentals of gymnastic. Spatial awareness, strength, flexibility, co-ordination and gymnastic skills are the focus here.


4yrs+ Join the world of Skipping! This is an international sports movement and is growing in popularity. The benefits of skipping include cardiovascular health, improved breathing efficiency, improved bone density and coordination. Our Skipping classes are for kids from 4yrs+ where we teach basic rope skipping, single rope Jumping, long Rope and double dutch – LOTS of FUN with AMAZING benefits!


Kids Yoga classes for kids ages 4yrs+ comprise of yoga poses to stimulate the body and brain to be happy, healthy and whole! Breathing techniques and mindfulness to find inner strength and calm. Lots of FUN and imagination as we stretch, play and connect, building confidence and concentration.

Ball Skills

Ball Skills classes are for children from the age of 4yrs+Novice and advanced participation is catered for. Using a weekly structured FUN lesson your child will master skills which will in turn develop their confidence . We cover the basics of ball control, catching, throwing, kicking and much more. Advanced classes will deal with more complex combinations that are experienced on the sports fields.

Core Conditioning

This core strength programme has two classes for kids aged 4-7yrs and for kids aged 8yrs+Poor core strength causes poor posture which can lead to gross motor and fine motor skill deficiencies. Building core strengths is like building a strong foundation for your child. This programme is comprised of various activities to engage and develop a strong core which will have lifelong benefits.

Six Pack Core

Advanced: For the more advanced athlete, this program builds on a good core foundation.

Home School

We are the solution to your child’s physical education requirements. We use a variety of equipment and zones in the gym to develop necessary gross motor skills for all age groups. Each class teaches basic gymnastic skills, fitness skills, ball skills and incorporates social skills with fun group activities and games.

Personal Training

The Kids Gym offers one-on-one Personal Training for kids aged 6yrs+. We provide guidance in weight loss, sports conditioning or injury rehab. You can pay per session or we can set up individual programs based on requirements and outcomes that can be discussed – for more information email

Special Needs

Whether it be low muscle tone, motor function delay or hyperactivity – The Kids Gym can help with programmes to assist with these areas. The Kids Gym caters for everyone and these children are especially close to our heart. Until now the options for them have been limited, but we have had great success in this area and can’t wait to assist. Contact us for a consultation

Click here to send us an email with your child’s age and interests and we’ll arrange a FREE TRIAL CLASS!